Welcome to Class 5-405

Welcome to Class 5-405.  2016-2017 will be a great school year.  We have high expectations for our students and are here to give them what they need to meet these expectations. Every Friday, students take a timed multiplication quiz.  

Class 5-405 Pictures


There is homework every night.  We expect every student to read AT LEAST an hour a night.   We expect students to study their multiplication/division facts every night.  When not given a specific writing assignment, students are expected to do a 1 page free write in their HW notebooks.

November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your break!

Meet Mrs. Sfikas and Mrs. Maursky!

Mrs. Sfikas has been a 5th grade teacher for 7 years at PS 94.  She is very excited to spend time teaching your students this year!

Mrs. Maursky has been a teacher at PS 94 for 5 years.  She loves spending time at the campground with her family, and is looking forward to spending this school year working with your children!