Welcome to class K-105A

Welcome to K-105A!  
I am looking forward to working with you to make sure your child reaches his/her fullest potential. 
I believe that communication is the key to your child’s success and to a great parent/teacher relationship.  This will be a busy and exciting year for all of us.
If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please email me at Kcharriez@10x094.org.  I am also available to meet with you on Tuesdays from 2:30pm - 3:10pm in room 105A .

Ms. Charriez


Class K105A


I will correct the homework by the end of the week.

*****Sight Word Quiz on Tuesdays due to schedule  - Read the sight words (September 2018. - December 2018)

(Read and write the sight words: January 2019- June 2019) 


If your child in the Red, Yellow or Green Group"  Click on the correct group for your child's homework.

PRACTICE YOUR SIGHT WORDS.  Kindergarten Sight Words 2018-19.docx 

 Homework Week of April 1 2019 RED Cubs I.docx  Homework Week of April 1 2019 yellow and green group.docx 






 Homework Week of April 1 2019 RED Cubs I.docx  Homework Week of April 1 2019 yellow and green group.docx 

 Homework December 17 2018 Red Group Cubs J and h.docx 

 Homework December 17 2018 Captains Green Group.docx  Homework December 17 2018 Stars Yellow Group.docx   Homework December 17 2018 Red Group Cubs.docx    



 KHomework12 3 18 Red Group.docx  KHomework12 3 18 Yellow Group.docx    KHomework12 3 18 Green Group.docx 

 KHomework11 26 18 Red Group.docx  KHomework11 26 18 Yellow Group.docx   KHomework11 26 18 Green Group.docx  

 Homework October 29 2018 RED Cubs I.docx 

 Homework October 29 2018 Yellow Stars.docx 

 Homework October 29 2018 GREEN Captains.docx 

 Homework October 22 2018.docx 

  Homework October 15 2018.docx 

 Homework October 9 2018.docx 

 Homework October 1 2018.docx 


 Homework September 24 2018.docx 

Homework - September 17, 2018   Homework September 17 2018.docx 

Homework - September 12, 2018   Homework September 12 2018.docx 

Reading Response Sheet    Book Report One e Fiction.doc 

Reading Log Sheet    Reading Log Pdf.pdf 

Reading  Book Report Book Report One e Fiction.doc 

Reading Book Report For Captains     Book Report One e Fiction Captains.doc 


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My name is Ms. Charriez and I've been part of the P.S. 94 family for eleven years.