Welcome to Ms. Giuliani's Classroom 3-302

Welcome to the second half of the 2018 - 2019 P.S. 94 school year.  The year so far has been filled with lots of learning.  Please make every effort to ensure that your child does their homework.  

Homework is given nightly in reading,  writing, and math.  Your child is to read a book of their choice either from the school or from home.  The book should be appropriate for their reading level.   This is known as a  "Just Right Book" and your child can use this method in choosing a book to read.   Nightly your child will respond to what they read.   The attached link has responses your child can choose from.  The response must be done in their homework notebook.         

Math homework will be a handout.   Also your child must continue to practice their basic math facts in addition and subtraction.   As the year progresses, they are to know their basic multiplication and division facts.    

In the event that your child was absent, he/she will have an opportunity to make it up.  

 non fiction fp prompts for hw.docx 

  FandP prompts.doc 







Photos of Class


Daily homework:

reading 45  minutes nightly 

writing menu  (see above for one to choose from)  

spelling/vocabulary menu 

math handout


About Ms. Giuliani

Ms. Giuliani has worked at PS 94 for twelve years.  I have taught the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.  I enjoy working with children and helping them learn.   REMEMBER READING IS THE KEY THAT OPENS THE DOOR TO ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES!!!