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The weekly homework sheet is sent home every Monday with the weekly sight words. We have a sight word test on Fridays. On the homework sheet, you will find information about what we are working on each week in math, reading, science, social studies and writing. We have a book exchange so please send back the baggies with the 3 books in them so we can send home another 3 books. I send home home support work for students who need extra help and support at home. Please check your child's book bag for the home support and keep the materials to practice at home every night. Please come in and meet with me regarding homework or any questions on Tuesdays at 2:30. Confirm with me in advance. If you cannot meet on Tuesdays I can accommodate you at another time. Please keep communication on going with me, through email, phone, notes and in person.


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Handout Every Monday for the Week Sight Word Test Every Friday

Information summary on homework sheet for reading, writing, math, social studies, science and other announcements. 

Please check your child's homework folder everyday for announcements and changes.

Please check your child's homework folder everyday for worksheets and handouts. 

All About Ms. O'Grady

Contact Information:

Email:  mogrady5@10x094.org

Phone: 718-405-6345

Leader in Me

Leader in Me-there is a Leader in Me website, type in Leaderinme.com this will give you more information about this national initiative that is being taught all over the nation. This teaches students how to be better students in school, better, help our community, and be more helpful at home. It teaches all children how they can be leaders and activities they can do to help others and themselves. We have started our own Leader in Me binders in classroom. This binder has goals that each child picked. It is a binder all about them. You can come in to look at their binders as the year goes on. Your child will explain their own binder to you.


We have started Cookshop. This teaches children about healthy foods and how to have a healthy body. We cook in the room. It is hands on. It is not hot food. Please look in your child's homework folder for Cookshop recipes every week.

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