Welcome to class 3-301! I am delighted to be teaching your child this school year. Please use this page for any upcoming events, homework, resources, shout outs and reminders. Homework will be uploaded daily and students are required to make up any missed homeworks the following day.  

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 Reading - Read at least 50 minutes every day.  

Spelling - Write a sentence for each spelling word. Study for your test on Friday.

Language Arts -  It's the first day of school and when your teacher walks into class, she has all of her clothes on backwards. Even her shoes are on the wrong feet! What do you think is going on? At least 5 paragraphs - 25 sentences. 

Math - Study for Spiral Review test on Friday (perimeter, area, fractions, division and multiplication). Practice your multiplication. 

 Science - 

Grammar - 

Social Studies - 


 Words of the week: benefit, favorable, similar, furthermore, baffled, confusing, melancholy, neither, hygiene, lightening

All about Ms. Brewington

This will be my 15th year of teaching with 14 years here at PS94. This is my 2nd year teaching 3rd grade. I mostly taught grades 4th and 5th here at the school, but I have also taught K-2. I am a mother of two and a grandmother of two. I enjoy reading and writing stories and I like to encourage my students to be creative writers as well and to read daily. My goal is to give students the best educational experience to help them be successful this school year. I look forward to a very rewarding and enthusiastic school year!   

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