Second Grade Reading Challenge

Welcome to the second grade reading challenge at P.S.94.  We are glad to see many students excited about reading and completing the reading challenge program.  All students are encouraged to read diligently throughout the school year.  The following incentives are in place to encourage our readers along the way:

  • Students receive 10 star tickets after completing the reading challenge packet and will have his/her name added to the "Second Grade Reading Challenge" display in the library.
  • Students who complete a second packet or more will get 15 star tickets.
  • In May, all Reading Challenge participants who complete the reading challenge packet will get a certificate.  They will also be in a raffle.  One winner int the main building and one in the Annex building will be chosen, and each winner will get a gift.

Below you will find 9 challenges.  Your mission is to complete 3 challenges for one packet.  Use the library to get books you need.  Good Luck!

  1. Read a fictional story and complete a story map.
  2. Read a non-fiction animal story.  Use the graphic organizer provided.  Answer the four questions using complete sentences.
  3. Read about two countries, then write about how they are similar and different using the Venn diagram or Chart.
  4. Read about a country and write a paragraph explaining what you would see and do if you went there.
  5. Read a biography and do the graphic organizer or a timeline.  Answer all the questions on the graphic organizer.
  6. Read three books about an author you like.  Write a paragraph about his/her style of books and why you like them.
  7. Read a fairy tale book.  Write a letter to one of the characters in the story.  Identify the character's problem and give the character a good solution to solve the problem.  Make sure you use the letter format provided.
  8. Read about a planet.  Write a paragraph stating the name, three descriptive details, and new facts you learned by reading this book.
  9. Read a story about a character you would like to write about.  Use the Character Analysis graphic organizer provided in the packet.

Feel free to stop by the library if you have any questions.

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  • On-Lion for Kids - Search the online catalog, browse useful web links, and read reviews of books, movies, and music.
  • Storyline Online - Streaming video program featuring famous people reading children's books aloud.

Parent Workshops

  • June 16th - Grade 2 Family Reading Night from 2:30pm to 4:00pm