Who We Are . . .

The Kings College School is a kindergarten through fifth grade school located in the Norwood section of the Bronx. We serve a unique and multicultural community. The school is situated in the hub of the Montefiore Hospital complex, the Jerome Avenue marketplace, the historically noted Gun Hill Road, Varick House Museum, and the Woodlawn Cemetery. Families from many parts of the world serve to create a distinctively rich educational and cultural community.
It is our belief that each child as a matter of moral justice, is entitled to an education that will enable him or her to develop as an effective learner and as a contributing member of the community. Central to this notion is the recognition that all children are intrinsically motivated and capable of learning. We will nurture our children's growth and development by creating social, physical and intellectual environments that are developmentally appropriate, based on standards driven instruction. We must support collaborations where parents, teachers, community and children work together to better ensure the growth and development of productive, literate and caring citizens.

Enrichment Activities

  • Peer Mediation (3-5) support students in resolving disputes peacefully.
  • Student Council
    • Governed by student voted peers
    • Support Community Service Initiatives.
    • Fifth Grade students assist with planning Fifth Grade Spirit Week.
  • Cool Culture Pass (K)
  • Cook Shop (K-1)
  • Educational and Cultural Trips (K-2)
  • Studios in a School (3-4)
  • Yearlong Reading Challenge (2-5)
  • Second Grade Reading Challenge and Tiger Day.
  • Spelling Bee Competition (4-5)
  • Math Fact Competition (4-5)
  • Young Runner Club (3-5)
  • Girls on the Run (3-5)
  • Mighty Milers (K-2)
  • Cheer Leaders (3-5)
  • Spirit Squad (3-5)
  • Fitness Club (K-2)
  • Crochet Club (2, 5)
  • Chess Club (2)
  • STEP Team (4-5)
  • Spring Talent Show (K-5)
  • A – Z Learning: Home/School Connection
  • myON Reader: Home/School Connection

Grants / Partnerships


  • Robin Hood Library Grant:
    • Provides instruction and resources aligned to the school curriculum
    • Provides Open Access hours for students and their families before and after school, ongoing purchase of resources aligned to DOE and State instructional initiatives.
    • Yearlong Reading Challenge Competition (2-5)
    • Second Grade Reading Challenge and Tiger Day Event
    • Book Fairs
  • Astor Literacy Grant (K-2)
  • Councilperson Grants:
    • Recess Enhancement Program (REP) provides recess activities twice a week for the school during lunch recess.
    • SmartBoards
    • Classroom Laptops
    • CASA Arts Grant
  • New York State Council for the Arts Grant: to create literacy based murals for the Annex walls
  • Donors Choose: Teacher funded projects for the proposals they submit to Donors Choose Foundation.
  • Library Parents as Partners Grant
  • School Fitness Grant
  • Compass Afterschool Programs
    • MMCC - All Grades,
    • Young Achievers (K-2)
  • NYSCA Grant - Lehman College Art Gallery Program


  • Family Communication Folder is used to send notices from school and receive notices from parents.
  • Parent Coordinator works with family’s everyday of the week to address concerns, provide additional resources as requested and support the school in all parent activities.
  • Monthly Parents Association Meetings
  • www.ps94x.org has a wealth of resources for families and class web pages
  • Phone call reminders of special events at school.
  • School community Board in Main Lobby

College and Career Readiness

P.S. 94 Kings College School: “College and Career Readiness” Program

    The New York City Department of Education has identified “College and Career Readiness” as the cornerstone for success.  Preparation for success in college and careers goes beyond book knowledge.   Our students must also master other skills and behaviors that lead to success in college and the workplace.  At P.S 94, our objective is to provide our students, with as many opportunities, to see different careers, in addition to learning about the education or skills that needed to pursue this profession.  

    We are asking organizations to help us provide our 5th grade elementary students with the chance to briefly tour their facility, so they may observe; in addition to briefly meet one or two professionals at the company, who will share their education and work experiences.  Furthermore, we would like our students to be able to ask questions.  Our objective is to spark student interest in a possible career path.

     High expectations and support are critical for our students’ success.  To be prepared for challenging college courses and demanding jobs, all of our students must develop their critical-thinking, creative and communication skills.  College and career readiness can only happen when we work together. 

     Community and family involvement are key components to student success in school and after graduation. With this in mind, we hope that organizations will provide our 5thgrade students with a brief tour experience, so we may encourage and motivate their success, both now and in the future.