Welcome to Class 3-303

Hello Parents! I welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year. We look forward to working with you throughout the school year. It's been a pleasure to meet you all as we passed our first parent meet and greet. We truly enjoy working with each student and we can't wait to see how much they will grow academically.  

Homework is an essential for the students' academic growth. It is a practice of the skills we have done in class, please make sure students are completing homework on a daily basis. On Fridays, We will not give students homework unless we have a long break. Please make sure students are reading on a daily basis, as it will help develop students' to reading abilities to a higher level. 

Communication is a KEY for the success of our students. We believe it is a way we can work TOGETHER to help promote your children to greatness. Students are bringing home many important documents on a daily basis. Each student has a parent communication folder, please use this folder as a way to communicate with me.  You may also communicate with us through EMAIL: CRivas5@10x094.org. or FNovaj@schools.nyc.gov   Feel free to use any of the listed above to communicate any concerns or questions you may have! Again, thank you so much for being the biggest supporters. 

Looking forward for all the greatness this school year has! 



Mrs. Rivas & Ms. Novaj



March 16- April 20th 

ELA Packet: Please ensure that your child is reading one passage and completes the questions. If the question is a short response ensure that students use RACE!  Please check via google classroom what passage and question they need to complete. We have due date for each passage! 

Math- Students are required to practice their fluency drills!   In the math packets you will se a fluency packet,  4 lesson via Eureka & Math State Exam Questions.  We will inform you via google classroom what lesson students will have to complete! Pleasure ensure to check your child's email and class dojo! 

IREADy- students should log into I Ready 1 hour a day: 30 minutes for ELA and 30 minutes for Math! 

If you have any question feel free to let to email us or message us through class dojo! 


All about Mrs. Rivas & Ms. Novaj

Hello! Our names are Mrs. Rivas and Ms. Novaj. We are proud to introduce ourselves as your child’s third grade teachers in P.S. 94 for the 2018-2019 school year.

We want to extend to you and your child our warmest welcome into our classroom. We are looking forward to working together with you to help your child to succeed in the third grade and to continue in a lifelong journey of success.  This will be my( Mrs. Rivas) 7th and my 3rd year (Ms. Novaj) year at P.S. 94. Our goal is to Support, Empower and Nurture your child in reaching their goals for success.

It is our belief that the interaction between teachers and parents strengthen the support of the student. Every student will receive a Parent Communication Folder which will serve as a tool for us to communicate. Students are expected to bring it home every day and return with it to school in the morning. This is crucial in order for us to be able to communicate freely about your child’s learning adventure. Please use this regularly to communicate as well as my email address and the school’s main phone number. The school’s phone number is 718-405-6345.   We will do our best to provide a prompt response.

In addition, We will be assigning homework every night. I will be providing a homework calendar for writing so that you may stay aware of all the assignments. The calendar will be uploaded on our class page for students who may not know what the assignment is. Students will copy his in their  Students will be expected to read every day and complete their reading logs.  We are asking for your assistance to oversee that your child is doing homework on a regular basis. Homework is a tool that is used for students to reinforce the skills they are learning at school and to help them grow. It is crucial that students are doing their homework, for it is a method that we use to know if our students understand the new information being taught.

We are looking forward to working with you to make this a successful year for your child. 



Mrs. Rivas & Ms. Novaj