Welcome to Class 4-409


Fourth Graders stay safe and healthy.

Fourth Graders Please Log onto Google Classroom as soon as possible!!

Class Goals

(Below are due dates for Activities assigned on google classroom.)

ACTIVITY 1: REVIEW FRACTIONS (Due by Friday,  March 27, 2020)

(Posted on Class Page Below and on the Calendar under date created: March 18.)



Students 5 Steps to Google Classroom

1) Classroom.google.com

Go to the classroom website and log in with your Google Apps email login.

(Email is last name, first name then @10x094.org--include no caps or punctuation in your name.)

(Password is your Student ID Number--same as your Log In for myON.)

2) Join a Class

In the upper right click on the plus button to join a class.  Enter the Class Code.

3) Stream

Find your assignment in the stream.

4) Open Templates

From the stream always click on “OPEN” in an assignment to view templates the teacher has attached.

5) Turn In

Click the blue Turn In or Mark As Done button.