Welcome to class 3-319

Hello Parents, as we prepare for students to be at home at this time. Be mindful of keeping your kids on a schedule for reading and math. Packets for students are available at the school to be picked up at the school between 9- 1:30 in the main building . My email is LKelly13@schools.nyc.gov. The schools website is a wonderful resource with websites to enhance your students learning daily. 

Class 3-319 Pictures


Parents please remember to check for folders each night for the homework sheet with daily assignments. It is important that your child completes his or her homework assigned. Please remove all extra papers and undone assignments daily. Daily math sheets are also assigned to follow along with lessons for the day.  It is also important to have your child read at least  20 to 30 minutes on a daily basis.  Homework until we return is daily reading independently as well as practicing math facts for continuous review of the basics. This is for all third graders . Students can write daily in a journal a variety of stories to keep their minds active. Playing math and reading games are also engaging for them. 

general information about third grade

Third Grade is a challenging grade with more reading and writing . Much of our focus will be on comprehension and understanding with use of the text as a resource. In math we will be using Number Talks with a focus on more problem solving.  In writing we will focus on grammar , punctuation and paragraph writing.  Work hard and always stay in the positive and we will succeed.