Welcome to Class 2-316!

Hi Everyone! 

Welcome to the page for Ms. Sacchini and Miss. McLaughlin's 2nd Grade Class!

Here you will find homework, sight words, and other important events that occur in the classroom.  

Make sure to follow our class calendar as well as the school calendar to stay informed. 

If you ever need to communicate with us, you may do so by contacting the school office, through Class Dojo, or through email at the following addresses:
Ms. Sacchini: JSacchini@10x094.org
Miss. McLaughlin: KMcLaughlin4@10x094.org

If you need anything, let us know!


Get real-time PS 94 school updates, alerts, announcements on your mobile device with eChalk Notify. 

Download the eChalk Notify App from the App Store or Play Store on your SmartPhone. 
Once downloaded, log into the eChalk Notify App and click “Proceed without logging in”.
Enter the school’s alert code QDH6GJ when logging in for the first time.

It’s that simple!

2-316 in Pictures!


Below are instructions for logging onto the Google Classroom page that will be used with our class for remote learning.

  1. Go to https://accounts.google.com
  2. Enter your PS94 Student Username (lastnamefirstname@10x094.org)
  3. Click Next
  4. Enter your PS94 Password: OSIS# (9-digit Student ID number found on the report card)
  5. Click Next
  6. Click on the Google Apps (9 dots in the right-hand corner)
  7. Click on the Google Classroom Icon
  8. First-timers must select 'student'
  9. Click on the plus sign + in the right-hand corner and Join Class
  10. Type Class Code

Below is our class code:


Once you enter this code, you are a member of our class! 



Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone is healthy at this time. I know it is all very confusing and worrisome. We are all trying to figure this time out ourselves. School will be closed until April 20th, and we will be participating in remote learning. This means that students will be taught through Google Classroom. The school will be providing devices to those students who do not already have one they can use to access their learning. As we get new information we will provide it to you. 

This page will serve as a way to provide information as well as lessons and resources for students to aid in their remote learning. Please know that we still want your students to learn as much as possible this year, even if they are not in class. In addition to these lessons and resources, please read with your child as much as possible. If you have any questions please feel free to email us or reach out to us on the ClassDojo website. If you need your child's login info, please let me know and I will provide it to you. As a reminder, you may reach us at the following email addresses:

Ms. Sacchini: JSacchini@schools.nyc.gov

Miss. McLaughlin: KMcLaughlin4@schools.nyc.gov

As we know more information we will provide any news we are allowed to share with you here and on ClassDojo. 

Stay Healthy!

Important Update on Remote Learning



Hope Everyone is staying healthy! Please find below an important letter from the school chancellor regarding remote learning during Spring Break, as well as other information needed at this time. 

Corona Update Letter English.pdf  Corona Update Letter Spanish.pdf  Corona Letter Arabic.pdf  Corona Update Leter Urdu.pdf 

Also please see the school's letter on their policy pertaining to attendance during remote learning. 

 Attendance Policy.docx 

Sight Words

Homework Calendar


Below is some important information to help ease the chaos during the school closure!

Please provide us with the most up to date contact information so that we can contact you without a problem.

Please create an account on NYC MySchools if you do not already have one at the following address: https://www.myschools.nyc/en/account/create-account/

Learning Packets may be picked up on Thursday, March 19th from 9-2 in the Main Building Cafeteria

ClassDojo Logins

ClassDojo is a website and app that we use in the classroom for teacher-parent communication. Below is a link the login information for the class. Simply scroll through the names until you find your child's, then follow the directions. Thank you so much!

 Ms Sacchini and Miss McLaughlins Classs Student and Parent Invites Class Dojo.pdf 

I-Ready Logins and Information

I-Ready is an invaluable resource. It has lessons for the students in both reading and math meant to build on their weaknesses in each subject. Below you find the classes login information. The steps to login are the following:

  1. Go to https://login.i-ready.com/ or google iready student login. It will be the first link at the top.
  2. Type in the student username.
  3. Type in the student password. (It is the students' birthday in the following format: 00/00/0000)
  4. Choose which subject you would like to work on and let I-Ready take it from there!

We can see how much time the students spend on I-Ready, as well as, their progress. They will be given tests every so often to measure their strengths and weaknesses so that the program can keep up to date on the students' needs. 


 IReady Passwords.pdf 

School Closure Learning Resources

Hi Everyone! 

Below you will find some basic activities based on what we have already learned in class. This will be a good way to keep the students learning until the school has decided on how to participate in remote learning. The activities range in ability so if your child is having trouble, you may find something that suits them better. However, you can always allow them to push themselves and do the more challenging activities. If you have any questions on lessons or activities, feel free to contact us. 

Also, make sure the students use I-Ready and MYON during  this time, they will be a huge help!

In regards to reading, please read with your children while school is closed. Listen to your child read and correct any inaccuracies they may have while reading. Also, ask them questions while reading to see if they comprehend the text. Ask them about the events in the story and try to have them connect the story to their own lives. If you would like to know their reading levels you may either email us or contact us on Class Dojo. 


 What is an Adjective.pdf 

 Compound Words 2.pdf  

Compound Words.pdf  

Guess the Compound Word.pdf

 Identify and Use Compound Words.pdf

 Persuasive Writing Dessert.pdf  

Math- Please make sure the students do the Math Homework Choice Board

 Math Homework Choice Board User Created.docx  

3 digit place value.pdf  

Add 10 or 1 to get to 100.pdf  

Adding 10.pdf  

Addition Word Problems.pdf  

Addition Word Problems.pdf

Base Ten Block practice 2.docx

Base Ten Practice.pdf  

Draw Count Add.pdf  

Expanded Form.pdf  

Farm Graph.pdf

 Hero Two Digit Addition No Regrouping.pdf  

Veggie 2 digit Subtraction No Regrouping.pdf 

Social Studies

 Now and Then Cut and Paste Activity.docx 

Again always feel free to reach out to us!

Activity Packet

 Emergency Packet Week 1.docx 

Great Websites Free Educational Websites

Below are some great educational sites that are free! 



BrainPop Jr Video on Washing Hands

https://jr.brainpop.com/health/bewell/washinghands/ Enter Username: ps94xs Password: ps94xs

ENL Resources

Below are learning resources for ENL students who work with Ms. Alonso-Garcia.