1-218A- E. Fitzgibbons/ C. Pontebbi

Welcome to 218-A!

Welcome Parents/Guardians!

 We warmly welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year. We look forward to working with you throughout the school year to help your child reach his/her fullest potential. We are looking forward to meeting with you all at back to school night. We truly enjoy working with each student and can't wait to see how much they will grow academically as the year progresses.  

Homework is essential in order for students to obtain academic growth. In addition, it is a practice of the skills we have done in class. Please make sure students are completing homework on a daily basis. They will be receiving homework in their planners, or printed in a packet form. On Fridays, we will not give students homework (other than reading) unless we have a long break. Please make sure students are reading on a daily basis for it will help them develop essential skills to succeed.

We strongly believe that communication is a KEY for the success of our students. It is a way we can work TOGETHER to help your children succeed. Students are bringing home many important documents on a daily basis in their blue communication folder. If you have a note for me, or any concern please place it in this folder. In addition, students will be receiving handouts for you that will go in this folder. If a student is absent, please send in a proof of absence form in their communication folder to submit to the office. You may also communicate myself or Mrs. Pontebbi through EMAIL: Efitzgibbons2@10x094.org  Cpontebbi@10x094.org  or any time on Tuesdays between 2:30-3:00.  We are located in the annex building, room 218. In addition, please let us know if you are available for any type of volunteer work during the school year (class trips, celebrations, parent/student learning opportunities, classroom visits, etc). We am  firm believers that you should be able to experience learning with your children.Therefore, we will be sending notes home on opportunities for parent involvement in the classroom. Again, please feel free to use any of the listed above to communicate any concerns or questions you may have!  We want this to be a smooth year for all of us.  Thank you so much for being the biggest supporters.  Looking forward for all the success this school year has to offer! 

 Warm regards,

Mrs. Fitzgibbons & Mrs. Pontebbi 

Contact Us

Mrs. Pontebbi



Mrs. Fitzgibbons 



Free Wifi For Students in the Bronx and NYC: Resources

LinkNYC | How to Connect to Wi-Fi

Altice USA - Availabe in Bronx
Altice USA said that it would offer Altice Advantage 30 mgbs broadband service for free to college students without Internet service for 60 days. Eligible students can call 866-200-9522 to enroll. For more information see https://www.alticeusa.com/news/articles/feature/corporate/altice-usa-brings-free-broadband-k-12-and-college-students-during-coronavirus-pandemic

Comcast is offering free public Wi-Fi for 60 Days to families who do not already have a subscription. For access, call 1-855-846-8376 for English and 1-855-765-6995 for Spanish. https://corporate.comcast.com/press/releases/internet-essentials-low-income-broadband-coronavirus-pandemic

Charter Spectrum Broadband
Charter announced that it would offer free high-speed Spectrum Internet service and Wi-Fi for 60 days to households with students taking online classes because of the coronavirus outbreak. Students can call (844) 488-8395 to enroll. Installation fees will be waived for new student households, the company said. Spectrum said regular pricing will take effect at the end of the 60-day period if a customer doesn’t cancel or change the service. For more information, see https://corporate.charter.com/newsroom/charter-to-offer-free-access-to-spectrum-broadband-and-wifi-for-60-days-for-new-K12-and-college-student-households-and-more

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and Comcast have announced additional services during the coronavirus outbreak, such as the removal of data caps and waiver of late fees. Students should check with their individual carriers for these arrangements. https://www.cnet.com/news/carriers-are-suspending-internet-data-caps-during-coronavirus/


Monday, June 1
Please read letter regarding June 4th & June 9th. Thanks! 🌞
Monday, June 1
***This assignment is also posted in your classwork section**

Good morning! Please go into your i-READY accounts. You have all week to complete the MATH diagnostic. Please be sure to complete this by the end of the week. This is your ONLY assignment for math his week. Please ensure that you complete this diagnostic and DO NOT help your child with it. IF you need your i-Ready username or password, please message us on class DOJO and we will send it right over. Thank you so much!

- Students have 21 Days to complete the diagnostic once they begin.
-Do not rush, take your time, stay focused.
- Diagnostic Results will allow students to access Learning Games (available 5/26) and continue My Path lessons for summer.

Sunday, May 31
Good afternoon,

Please see the attached schedule for your guided reading 1:1 this week. Please be on time for your meets and check your emails before the session time for the link to meet.

Enjoy your day!
Tuesday, May 25
***This assignment is also posted in your classwork section**

Hi all, please go into your i-READY accounts. You have all week to complete the READING diagnostic. Please be sure to complete this by the end of the week. This and your PBA are your ONLY assignments for reading/writing this week. Please ensure that you complete this diagnostic and do not help your child with it. IF you need your i-Ready username or password, please message us on class DOJO and we will send it right over. Thank you so much!

- Students have 21 Days to complete the diagnostic once they begin.
-Do not rush, take your time, stay focused.
- Diagnostic Results will allow students to access Learning Games (available 5/26) and continue My Path lessons for summer.
Monday, May 25
Good afternoon,

Please see the updated attached schedule for your guided reading 1:1 this week. Please be on time for your meets and check your emails before the session time for the link to meet.

Enjoy your day! Happy Memorial Day!
Mrs. Fitzgibbons & Mrs. Pontebbi
Friday, May 22
Hope everyone is having a Fantastic Friday! We loved seeing all of your smiling faces this morning. We will be back on Tuesday, May 26th. Monday we are OFF for Memorial Day, so there will not be a Monday morning check in. We hope you enjoy your weekend and continue to PUT FIRST THINGS FIRST when completing your work. Use this long weekend to be PROACTIVE and catch up on missing assignments.

Tuesday, May 19
Hi Parents,

Hope you are all healthy & safe. Please be sure your child is answering our attendance question, daily. Remember, you have until 9AM the following day.

So for today's attendance as long as you answer by 9AM tomorrow, you are marked present. After 9am tomorrow, you are marked absent for TODAY if you don't respond or connect with us, as per the DOE attendance guidelines.

Please ensure your child is completing the assignments as well. We have many students who started off remote learning strong, but are now falling behind. We know as the weather gets warmer, many will be outside, practicing social distancing while getting fresh air- which is great! However, we need to still put first things first and submit our work, as school is still in session remotely. We understand that these are uncertain times, so do the best that you can with the work. We are understanding and due dates are always flexible. If you are very behind- start from today and move forward. We really need the work to be completed, as second grade is right around the corner.

Please reach out to us if you need assistance or have any questions at all.

Mrs. Fitzgibbons & Mrs. Pontebbi
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Sunday, May 17
Good Evening,

The 1:1 Guided Reading Schedule for this week is posted below.

Please check your emails the day before or morning of for the meet codes.

Please remember to be on time. If for whatever reason you can't make it, please message us privately on here. Thank you!
Friday, May 15
Good afternoon Leaders!

We hope you are enjoying this beautiful day! You are all doing such a wonderful job & we are so proud of you all! Keep it up!

We will be back on Monday morning at 9AM for our WHOLE class meet. Just click on the "meet link" in our purple banner on our google classroom to join. WE really hope to see more of you.

We will be returning to our 1:1 Guided Reading meets for those of you who have signed up and have been meeting with us. ***Please remember to be considerate/courteous if you cannot make your time slot for whatever reason and message us PRIVATELY on dojo.***

On Friday we will be having a SPECIAL GUEST joining us for our WHOLE class meet! We hope to see more of you there.

Have the best weekend! We miss you all so much!
Monday, May 12
Hi all! Happy Tuesday!

How are you all doing today? We hope you're healthy and safe. We will pick back up with our guided reading next week, as we are leaving this week open for conferences.

Just wanted to remind you that we are conducting parent teacher conferences and need for you to fill out the following form, so that we know your availability.

If you've already met or filled this out- no need to fill it out again! If for any reason you missed your slot, or need to reschedule, please message us privately and we can reschedule you.


If you need a time other than one mentioned above, let us know in the comment part of the survey! We will do all that we can to try and accommodate your needs.

Stay healthy & reach out if you need us!

Mrs. Fitzgibbons & Mrs. Pontebbi
Sunday, May 10
Happy Sunday & Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers! We hope you are enjoying this beautiful sunny day!

Just a reminder that we will be holding parent teacher conferences virtually this week. If you would like to meet with us and haven't done so yet, please fill out our survey so we can give you an appointment. If you filled it out already, then we have messaged you privately already on dojo with your time slot.

We will still be meeting at 9am as a class for our weekly check in. Just click the "meet link" in our purple header to join. We hope to see all of your smiling faces tomorrow morning.
Please remember we will NOT be having our 1:1 guided reading sessions this week because of parent teacher conferences. They will resume next week. Thank you for understanding! Enjoy the rest of your day!

Friday, May 8
Good afternoon Parents,

Next week we will be conducting Parent Teacher Conferences virtually through Google Meets. Please fill out the attached survey ASAP so that we may take this weekend to create a schedule for the upcoming week. Once we have created a schedule we will be sending you a private message on Classroom Dojo with your time slot.

We will NOT be having our 1:1 Guided Reading Google Meets next week so that we may accommodate everyone for the conferences. Thank you in advance for understanding!! We hope to be able to meet with you all! Have a great weekend!!

Friday, May 8
Hello Families of P.S. 94,

We are collecting updated contact information from all of our families at P.S. 94. Please take a minute to fill out this quick form to help us out. Thank you so much for your cooperation!

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Thursday, May 6
Hi parents, hope you have been well & staying healthy!

Just a few reminders:

*Attendance needs to be filled out by 9am the following day or your child is marked absent....

For example:
-5/4 attendance has to be done by 5/5 at 9AM
and so on and so forth- please do not go all the way back a month and begin filling out the attendance- Unfortunately, your child has already been marked absent for those days if they did not comment or turn in the question- whatever the case is.

PLEASE sign up to read with us 1:1 here in this survey.

ONLY fill it out if you HAVE NOT filled it out already.

Please- remember we are here to help. Reach out if you need anything at all.

Mrs. Fitzgibbons & Mrs. Pontebbi
Monday, May 3
Hi All- happy Sunday.

Please see below for your Days/Times this week.

*Times and days will STAY THE SAME for next week, we will just be rotating the teacher.

For example, if you see Mrs. Pontebbi this week on Monday/Friday at 10 am- Next week, you will see Ms. Fitzgibbons Monday/Friday at 10am--> and vice versa.

*If you need a different time for the day or week, please communicate this to us in advance.
Remember, this is new for us, too, so be mindful of that! Please try and be on time for your slot!

If you didn't get a chance to complete the survey, please complete it here, so that we can add in your child to the schedule.

SURVEY--> https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSciAV5iUivHOLiDcB88hUg3HbVBA7oM-S7098TItHXLtEUJFQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

If you've already done the survey- no need to complete it again.

See you tomorrow for our whole class google meet at 9AM.

Mrs. Fitzgibbons & Mrs. Pontebbi
Monday April, 27 & Tuesday, April 28
Hi All! Please see the updated reading schedule for this week. We have added some children into the schedule. Remember, if you would like to set up a time to meet, please communicate that with us and we will send you the survey to complete.

Parents: Please check your emails if you meet tomorrow for the meeting links there. We email them out the day before our meetings-Thank you!
Friday, April 24
Good Morning! Happy Friday!

I hope you are all staying healthy & calm!

*On Monday at 9am , we will have a whole class google meet for a few minutes, just to check in and see all of our students! If you can make it, great! We would love to see you all. If you intend on coming, please be on time!

*More to come on a link for this (We will post it by the end of the day).

*We will be doing this every MONDAY and FRIDAY at 9am to check in- for the week and to check-out, we want to see how everyone is doing & think it would be great to connect!

*Again, parents-please do not forget to complete this survey below for Mrs. Pontebbi & myself, so that we can schedule a time to meet 1:1 with you and read/check-in for next week.

Whatever time works for you, we are trying to keep that consistent week to week. This takes a great amount of scheduling, being that there are 24 children, we are trying to accommodate best we can. So, please make sure that you fill out the survey below in order for us to schedule a time to meet 1:1 with your child.

Please try and get back to us by Monday, we will begin meeting with those who have responded by then, because we do have other children. So we would need to know in advance, in order to alter the schedule.

So if you see the schedule posted on Monday, and your child's name is not on there, it is because you didn't get a chance to respond to the survey yet, and we don't know your availability! So, be patient with us. We would need to know what time works for you, in order to schedule your child with a 1:1 check in time. We can add you in and accommodate you within a day to the schedule, once we know when you are available to meet.

You can complete the survey here to tell us when you are available. If the survey is confusing to you, or you have trouble, please message us on Class Dojo and communicate that to us, so that we can help!

Survey to tell us when your child is available to meet:
Thursday, April 23
Good Morning Everyone!
Happy Thursday! How are you feeling today? I'm feeling excited and a little sleepy today.
Just a reminder, the DOE has asked for you to complete the following survey by May 1st. You must click the links below to get to the survey.
Wednesday, April 22
Hi everyone! Starting next week, Mrs. Pontebbi & Mrs. Fitzgibbons would love to meet 1 on 1 to listen in to your child reading to us- like our guided reading lessons in class.
-We will be using google meets through google classroom, we will send a video on this after we get feedback.
-The days and times may be different, but please keep in mind we are doing this during the school day only.
-We want to know what availability you have consistently, since we are trying to make this as consistent as we can. So if you are available at a certain time, please only choose that slot. If it is different times, that is okay! You can choose more than 1 time in a question (it should let you) Just tell us that in the last question.
-We will try our absolute best to accommodate your needs. However, be mindful that we do have 24 students in our class.
**Please complete this availability survey by the evening of Friday, April 24 the latest, as we have to schedule a time to meet with your child next week, and this will take some planning on our end.
**All answers are only seen by us- so do not worry about that as well.
Have a fantastic day!
Tuesday  April 21
Hi Everyone! Good morning.
We hope you are all healthy and safe. We're so proud of all of you for completing your work daily, and putting first things first. If you just received technology, or had another circumstance that you communicated to us- please do not worry. You can start from today and complete the work as best you can going forward. You do not have to go all the way back to catch up on your own, we can schedule a time to "meet" 1:1 and make a plan to help to catch you up- so do not fret on doing this all on your own. Reach out to us to let us know if you need help with this. If you are on track, keep it up! Remember, do the BEST that you can each day. We are so proud of you all. Have a great day!
Mrs. Fitzgibbons & Mrs. Pontebbi
Monday, April 20
Good morning Leaders! ☀️Happy Monday! We miss you all so very much! We hope everyone is healthy & safe. Today we start our 5th week of remote learning. Give yourself a pat on the back for SYNERGIZING & PUTTING FIRST THINGS FIRST to complete your work. We are very proud of you all! ⭐️Please look at "Flow of the Day" under classwork. We have created a daily schedule for you to follow at home so that you know which assignments to do each day. We hope this is helpful! 🌻Please remember to communicate with us via Dojo if you have any needs or family emergencies. We are very flexible will all due dates and are here to help you! 💛Please also remember to answer our DAILY attendance question at 'attendance' under our classwork. As per the DOE, we must mark who is present each day by completing a spreadsheet that is sent to the school. In order for your child to be marked present, you need to respond by 9am the following day. 🌼 As always if you have any questions/concerns, please reach out to us. Have a great day!! 😁
Good Morning! Please see above ^^ The following is a survey from the DOE. Please complete by Friday, May 1st. The link to take the survey is on the flyer. Have a wonderful day!
Friday, April 17
Happy Friday! ☀️ We hope you enjoyed your week & had fun doing some of the activities we created for you. 💛 We are so proud of many of you for putting first things first and catching up on work that you missed. 👍🏼😁 Take this weekend to relax and do something fun. 🤗 We will be back Monday morning at 8 and will be back to our normal classroom routine. 🤓
Hi all! Rosetta Stone is offering three months of FREE lessons in 25 languages, including English. Rosetta Stone recommends that everyone start at the basic level. The program will gauge the pace of your progress based on your answers to their drills. Just use this link: https://www.rosettastone.com/freeforstudents/
Thursday, April 16
Good morning!!
We hope you all have a fantastic day! Happy Thursday! Just a reminder- you can attach multiple pictures to an assignment and attach more than one submission. So for our family week choice board, you can attach your work as you go. On Sunday, you can hit turn in! But you may attach as many pieces of work that you complete off of the choice board! Hope that helps :)
We also want to give a shout out to all of you who continue to catch up on your work, way to go! We see you! 😊 Stay positive, stay healthy, and stay safe! ❤️
Wednesday, April 15
Good Morning!
Happy Wednesday 😊 ☀️ 🌸
Since many have been asking, we’re going to post these resources again to help you become more familiar with google classroom, as we know it is new to many of us.
Guide to Google Classroom: https://youtu.be/N5UQ2V3nRp4
Continue to use this week to catch up on previous work. If you are caught up, please see the family week assignment posted in the reading and writing section of your google classroom titled “Family Week”. There are many activities that can be done! Have fun with this!! We hope these resources can help! Please reach out to us throughout the school day if you need help or resources.
Take care & stay healthy,
Mrs. Fitzgibbons & Mrs. Pontebbi
Tuesday, April 14
Good morning Leaders! ☀️ Happy Tuesday!
How are you all feeling today? We want to thank so many of you for putting first things first and catching up on lots of work! So proud of you all.
Continue to catch up and complete your family week activities on the family week assignment. Message us at any time during the school day if you need anything at all! Stay positive, and keep working hard! We are very proud of all of you. We miss you dearly! Stay healthy!❤️
Monday, April 13
Good Morning!!
Please read the attached letter from the school. As it stands right now all public schools will NOT reopen for the remainder of the school year.
Hi Leaders!
Hope you all had a great holiday with your families! Don’t forget to complete one of our activities from our family week assignment that was posted Friday! You can always attach multiple pictures of your work to the assignment :) this assignment will be up all week- so you may do one activity a day! Have fun with this!!

Let’s start our day with some gratitude: What are 3 things that you are grateful for?!

(Ms. Fitzgibbons) is grateful for:
1. My health
2. My family
3. To be teaching all of you (even from afar).

(Ms. Pontebbi) is grateful for:
1. My family
2. To be able to teach & connect with each of you from home
3. To be able to workout at home

Have a great day💕
Friday, April 10
Good Morning 218A!

How are you?! How are you feeling today?! We miss you all very much. We just wanted to touch base with you all on a few things that have been coming up:
1. As Mrs. Pontebbi said yesterday, please remember that we moved to a new attendance protocol this week. The DOE has mandated that we record attendance by 9am the following day. For example, for attendance from yesterday Wednesday, April 8th, we have to add the attendance on a tracking sheet the school is using by 9am today. Therefore if you are recording your attendance after 9am the next day, unfortunately it does not count and your child will be marked absent. Please make sure you are responding to our attendance questions daily by at least 9am the following day to be marked present.

2. We NEED your child to participate in their own learning. It is imperative that they log in and complete any amount of assignments that they can, daily. Just answering the attendance question and not completing the work, does not count as engagement. We are flexible and understanding of situations and the current status of what is going on in the world. If you can only complete work in the later hours of the evening with your child, and they log in that morning-that is fine- do what you can!! However, if your child is saying they are here and not completing the work at any time or not at all, does not show us that your child is engaged in remote learning. We accept work past due date and are always willing to let students catch up on previous day’s work, but some students are not doing that- which is upsetting. We really don’t want your child to fall behind, as we worked so hard together this year to make great progress.

3. Just a gentle reminder- the PBA is due today, Friday April 10th. Many of you have yet to complete the assignment. This is a portfolio piece and we need you all to synergize and put first things first to get this completed. If you need help, or need more time, you know we are always here for you. We will help in any way that we can.

4. iReady & Raz Kids, and any other online learning platform are enrichment- which means they should be completed after the work that is assigned on here. We need you to be participating in all subject work on google classroom first, and then going from there. If you see Ms. Clariot's comment below, she will be giving out leader tickets when we return, to those students who are putting first things first and beginning with the end in mind, to get their school work done!

We know this is a challenging time for many families, we understand. If you can complete only one or two assignments a day at different times- that is fine. We need you to communicate your individual needs to us, so that we can figure out how we can tailor this learning experience to your child individually. We need that open line of communication now more than ever. We hope this clarifies many questions you may have had and have been asking.

Have an amazing day & a great weekend.
Mrs. Fitzgibbons & Mrs. Pontebbi
Thursday, April 9

**From our google Classroom**

Hi all,

As you have been made aware, we no longer have spring recess. We thought this week would be a great time for students and families to take a deep breath, reset, and recharge.

That being said, please use this week to:
1. Finish the PBA.
2. Catch up on assignments that you have yet to complete that have been assigned.
3. Continue using online learning platforms for daily enrichment (Lalilo, iReady, Raz-Kids).
4. Continue reading daily.
5. You can study your sight words.
6. Attached is a choice board of family fun activities to consider. By no means do you have to do all of them. They are just suggestions! Your child can complete any of the suggested activities on the choice board if they would like & are caught up on all previous work. You may attach pictures to the assignment, if your child completes any of the choice board activities, we'd love to see them! If they choose the one that is writing a letter to a classmate, please send to us so we can send it to their classmate via- google classroom (as long as that is okay with you!)

Enjoy this week with your families and please try and remain as stress-free as you can. We will still be here to support you this week with anything that you need, so please reach out to us as usual. Please be checking in using attendance protocols that we have put in place. In the event that your family has any emergency situations, please let us know so that we can accommodate you and help as best that we can. We hope you all have a very Happy Easter and Passover- to those who observe.

Stay healthy & be well,
Mrs. Fitzgibbons & Mrs. Pontebbi

Wednesday, April 8
Good morning! ☀️ We miss you all! 💛
You can get real-time PS 94 school updates, alerts, announcements on your mobile device with eChalk Notify.
Download the eChalk Notify App from the App Store or Play Store on your SmartPhone.
Once downloaded, log into the eChalk Notify App and click “Proceed without logging in”.
Enter the school’s alert code QDH6GJ when logging in for the first time.
It’s that simple!
Monday, April 6 
Hi all, please see the letter(s) below from the Chancellor regarding Spring Recess & days of religious observance. We will be posting more regarding assignments during that week, but it will look a lot different than any other week of learning on our end- so please do not stress it! We have some fun ideas in mind- we will give you more on this soon! I miss you all and I hope you are staying healthy. If you need anything at all, please remember to reach us on Dojo or by email.

We're all in this together!!
Mrs. Fitzgibbons & Mrs. Pontebbi
Good Morning! ☀️🌻🌼🌟

Welcome to Week 3 of our Remote learning! Give yourself a pat on the back for SYNERGIZING and completing Weeks 1-2. We hope everyone is safe and doing well! We miss each & everyone of you. ❤️

Today will begin a new protocol with daily attendance as per the school & the DOE. We will be recording attendance with the school using a designated system in place. You must respond to our attendance question daily in order to be marked as present. By the following day at 9am, we have to mark who is present and who is not, based upon who has responded.

Thank you for your understanding as this is not up to us. 😁
Please respond & let us know who is here today. Thank you!

"You've got to get up every morning with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction." - George Lorimer
Friday, April 3

Good Morning Everyone,

Happy Friday! We made it through week 2 of remote learning, woohoo! We appreciate all of your cooperation during this time and all of the hard work you are doing at home. WE MISS YOU!!

Please remember, due dates are flexible as we understand this is a hectic time and we made very drastic changes, quickly. That being said, students should be completing work daily and logging into Google Classroom- even if it is work from the previous day(s). Please see the attached from our principal, Ms. DaProcida regarding attendance & have a great weekend.

Stay healthy,
Mrs. Fitzgibbons & Mrs. Pontebbi

 Attendance Policy Parents.docx  

Thursday, April 2
Good Morning Everyone,

Happy Thursday! We can't believe we are almost done with remote learning week two! Everyone has been doing amazing so far! Here are a few links to help with google classroom, as we know that we are all learning this together!

Guide to Google Classroom in English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWkPCi6noCI



Hope these can help!
Take care & stay healthy,
Mrs. Fitzgibbons & Mrs. Pontebbi
Wednesday, April 1
Hi everyone,

Hope you are all healthy! Just wanted to post a video that tells how to upload pictures of work from a smart phone or device to google classroom, as many have asked us how! We hope this is helpful to you!


We know it can be an anxious and stressful time for all. Here are some videos that Go Noodle has on anxiety, to help calm your child if you notice they are becoming unsettled and anxious at home, you can give these a try!


Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay calm!
Mrs. Fitzgibbons & Mrs. Pontebbi
Tuesday, March 31
Good Morning Everyone! Hope you have a fantastic day! We miss you! Please be sure to complete the work daily! Lots of us are just signing in to answer the attendance and then forgetting to submit our work! It is okay if it is submitted past date due to current circumstances with work, other siblings at home learning, illness- we understand! We just need you to submit it when it is done so that we can see what you have been completing! Do not stress it, this is a very hectic time right now! Let’s be proactive and put first things first to get our work submitted!
Monday, March 30
Good Morning everyone,
We hope you had a great weekend. We hope you are all staying healthy. You'll notice in our assignments for the week, there are the sight words posted. We aren't going to do quizzes (until we are back at school) so just please follow the directions on the assignment- it gives you some ideas of how to practice the words at home. Continue to complete as much as you can within the hours of the school day and let us know if you need anything throughout the school day. We see that some students are only turning in the attendance assignment for the day, but not completing their work. In addition, some students are submitting assignments, but do not have a picture of their work attached. If you need help with this, let us know how we can help.
Mrs. Fitzgibbons & Mrs. Pontebbi
Friday, March 27
Good morning everyone,
Happy Friday! We hope everyone is staying healthy. Have a great day!
Mrs. Fitzgibbons & Mrs. Pontebbi
Thursday, March 26
Good morning, everyone!
Happy Thursday! Please reach out if you need help with getting onto google classroom or technology. We have listed a number below and steps to request technology. Please remember that we know it is a lot of work!! Do what you can, and submit. We are here to help you all day, during school hours. If you have a specific question- reach out on here, or google classroom.

Be well!
Mrs. Fitzgibbons & Mrs.Pontebbi
Wednesday, March 25
Hi all-
Good Morning! Hope you are doing well, staying healthy, and staying home! Our principal has sent us this phone number to call for technology devices: "If they do not have technology call 718.935.5100- the parent needs their child's OSIS number and grade when they call as well as valid home address." Please- if you need technology, but do not have your child's OSIS- reach out. We have them!! Those of you that signed into google classroom- THANK YOU! Continue to do the work in google classroom and hit, "turn in" when you have completed it.
Do not forget to comment on the attendance post in the classroom daily, this will help us know who is here. After that, you may begin your work! Please make sure you are doing the work during school hours! Students should not be doing work at 8-9pm! If they do not finish something, they can always complete it the next day! We need them resting and getting a good night sleep, in order to stay healthy during this time. If you are having trouble signing into google classroom still, please make sure you are signing in with your child's 10x094 username/OSIS number as the password. We have posted the directions on how to get on below in our class story- please go see it for assistance.

To access Google Classroom:

1. Students/Parents go to https://accounts.google.com
2. Enter the PS94 Domain Username: lastnamefirstname@10x094.org
3. Click Next
4. Enter the PS94 Domain Password: 9-digit Student ID (OSIS) number
5. Click Next
6. Go to Google Apps (9 dots upper right-hand corner)
7. Click on Google Classroom icon
8. Join Class with a Class Code (click plus sign + upper right-hand corner)

As always, reach out throughout the school day if you have questions or concerns.

Be well,
Mrs. Fitzgibbons & Mrs. Pontebbi
Tuesday, March 24-
Hi Everyone!

Good morning! Hope you’re all doing well. If you have not done so already, please go and join our google classroom. Remember- you can access google classroom through a smart phone, tablet, computer, Xbox, ps4- etc. if you are in need of technology for your child, but have a smart phone- try and log in just to write down the assignments in a notebook for them. Then, you can share the device with a sibling who needs! Just an idea of what some people have been doing until they get their technology devices, we understand that this is frustrating! If you need help getting started on google classroom, we are here to answer questions within the parameters of the school day.
Stay healthy & be well.

-Mrs. Fitzgibbons & Mrs. Pontebbi
Monday, March 23-
Hi all,

How are you?! Hope you are healthy and safe. Please remember that we are beginning online learning today. As you enter our google classroom, please do NOT be overwhelmed. Do what you can with your child in the time frame of the day. Assignments will post daily, so please be in the lookout on google classroom. We will still use this app for communication. So please stay updated with us! We understand that this is a challenging time for everyone, but we would like to still continue keeping some of the same routines in your child’s day. In our classroom, you will find a sample schedule that is just a guideline to follow- you don’t have to follow it, it’s just a tool to help you. We are here for you during this time and if you need help navigating through any of the online programs- reach out to us throughout the school day. We need to synergize and work together! This is new for all of us.

Mrs. Fitzgibbons & Mrs. Pontebbi
Friday, March 20-
Good morning,

Please see the post below on joining google classroom. All students have been invited, so all you need to is log in using the link below. You can get the app on any smart phone or gaming device as well. You shouldn’t even have to type in a class code, as we invited all students. Remote learning begins Monday and all work will be posted on our google classroom going forward. If you are awaiting technology, we understand.

- Mrs. Fitzgibbons & Mrs. Pontebbi
Thursday, March 19-

**Remote learning will begin on our classroom Monday, March 23!

1. Go to https://accounts.google.com

2. Enter your PS94 Student Username (lastnamefirstname@10x094.org)

3. Click Next

4. Enter your PS94 Password: OSIS# (9-digit Student ID number found on the report card) IF YOU NEED THIS- REACH OUT TO US.

5. Click Next
Click on the Google Apps (9 dots in the right-hand corner)
6. Click on the Google Classroom Icon
7.First-timers must select 'student'
8.Click on the plus sign + in the right-hand corner and Join Class
9. Type Class Code: mih737x
Please all download the google classroom app in the app store. This way, once you have the log in information for your child (be patient with us, we just got the log-in's created yesterday and are awaiting the passwords from tech) you can access the classroom from your phones. For some assignments, it may be easier for your child to write in their notebooks or on paper. Then, (in the app) you can easily snap a photo and attach their work to the assignment.