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Grade 2 - Learn at Home Literacy Activities

Second Grade At Home Activities

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Educational Activities: The following links include a series of online fiction and non-fiction read-alouds, content related videos, and activities organized by themes for grades Pre-Kindergarten through Kindergarten and First through Second Grade.

Reading Websites

An abundance of reading websites where the students can engage in reading a large collection of books.

Virtual Field Trips

A virtual field trip is the opportunity to explore and see places, things, and people not normally seen on a typical day. During a virtual field trip, students can explore places across the high seas, states across our country, and many nearby or far away people, places, and things. This is an opportunity to see and experience the world without ever leaving your home. 

Educational Videos

The following are videos provided on YouTube. Some may be downloaded to a computer or Ipad, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically. Some channels provide books read aloud by an expert and animated for a delightful reading experience.  



Grade 3 - Learn at Home Activities






Grade 2 Curriculum Overview

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Grade 3 Curriculum Overview

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