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P S 94 Robin Hood Library Goals and Objectives 2020-2021


Grades 3-5

Learning Objective(s):

*Practice utilizing the Myon, Destiny Discover and NYPL website with all classes. Students will also learn how to use the digital catalog to locate e-books on the library website.

*3rd grade- recognize and identify the writing elements of personal narratives, Descriptive writing as well as various reding skill identified as a high need for this particular grade.

*4th grade-recognize and identify inventors, Descriptive writing focused on non-fiction writing and text. 

*5th grade- recognize and identify the writing elements of realistic fiction

*Identify the ten major Dewey Decimal system areas and what main subjects are included in each area.

*Locates nonfiction and fiction materials at appropriate reading level using the five-finger rule

*Practice searching for books using the Destiny Library Online catalog with assistance to locate library materials on-line. 

*Select library books based on a theme, topic, or connection to classroom learning or personal interest.

*Select both “just right” materials and challenging

P.S. 94 Robinhood Library


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Dream tomorrow

Read tomorrow and

get ready to Dream again.

Read it, know it, dream it and make it happen.

By Ms. Rosario