Upcoming Events

  • Workshops for Parents of Students in Grades K-2. 
  • Health Fair coming may 15, 2019


Cool Culture Family Pass - Cool Culture is your family's key to New York City's museums.  It provides families with free unlimited access to 90 cultural institutions so that parents can provide their children with educational experiences that will help them succeed in school and life.This program is for all Kindergarten families. We would like to plan a trip with you so please contact Ms. Seminario when you receive your pass.


CookShop comes to PS94 again! - CookShop is a school-based nutrition program designed to increase elementary school children's knowledge about, preference for and consumption of vegetables and whole grains. By integrating nutrition and food education into a larger curriculum, and by providing the students with hands-on cooking experiences, we are able to positively influence the food choices of young children and their families. It will start December 11. We welcome all Kindergarten and 1st grade parents to attend these workshops in the main building. A phone message will be sent out before all workshop.