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Parent Coordinator

 Parent Coordinator- Denise Colon
I am very excited to have this opportunity to work alongside you and your families.  I look forward to seeing you all participate, be present, and volunteer in your child’s school.  


A little about myself: I was born and raised in the Bronx. I have lived in this community all my life. I have two wonderful boys 14 and 7 years old. I worked at MMCC for three and a half years, first as a substitute teacher and then as a family worker. I obtained my associates degree in business administration and I am currently working on my bachelor’s degree in behavioral science.  


As the parent coordinator of PS 94, my focus is on making sure families are involved and supported in their child’s educational experience. I am one of the key links between the school and the families, relaying the needs of one to the other. As the the school based-elementary contact for concerns and connection of families and community members, I promote sharing of power with parents/guardians as decision makers and help families understand the educational system so that families can become better advocates for their children’s education.  


I look forward to getting to know and meet each of you. I remain available to you at your convenience and if you have any questions or concerns. I am located in the room 105 in the Main Building. I can be reached at 718-405-6345 and by email [email protected].  I will be inviting all families to upcoming school events such as school performances, workshops, and classes so please make sure to join us! 


                                                                  Upcoming Events 
                                   3/11 - Food Pantry 9am to 1pm / Scrapbooking   
                                   3/13 -3/17- Book Fair Main Building
                                   3/15- Harlem Masters Assembly
                                   3/23- Spelling Bee: 2nd and 3rd grades
                                   3/25-Food Pantry 9am to 1pm 
                                   3/29- Leader in Me Assembly 
                                   3/30- Spelling Bee: 4th and 5th grades
                                   3/31- Leader in Me Assembly