Third Grade » Third Grade

Third Grade


Unit of Study 

How do people use words to express themselves?

In this module, students will listen to, read, and view a variety of texts and media that present them with information about the importance of words and how they are used to express ideas and feelings.

A genre focus on letters and poetry provides students with opportunities to identify elements of poetry and figurative language in order to better understand unfamiliar texts. Students will also encounter memoir and fantasy to build knowledge across genres.

As students build vocabulary and synthesize topic knowledge, they will learn that words can take them on an adventure or teach them something new.

Math: Module 1, multiplication and division
Practice addition and subtraction double digit with regrouping.
Review multiplication facts with your child daily.
Homework Tips:
it is very important to review the spelling words with your child each week. They have homework each day which includes math,  a daily writing prompt, and a spelling word activity
Students should do a lesson each day in reading and math.
Students have their log in information with them in their folders. 
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