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Fourth Grade News

Units of Study: 
Students are working on an Informational Unit.
Reading: They are learning to use text features and structure to deepen their understanding of reading informational text.
Writing: They are working on creating an informational text that describes an animal.  They will research a variety of resources to gather facts and details about their animal.
Students are working on learning different algorithms to multiply and divide multi-digit numbers.  Algorithms for multiplication include partial products, area model and standard algorithm to multiply.  Algorithms for division include partial quotients, area model, and standard algorithm to divide.
Students are continuing to use the RDW strategy to help them solve multi-step word problems.
Students are working on using the area formula to measure the space inside a rectangle and the perimeter formula to measure the distance around a rectangle.
*Websites you want the students to use 
i-Ready and IXL to practice both reading and math skills.